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"We are all shaped by the sound of the wind, the slant of sunlight, by streams of scent afloat in the larger ocean of air. We are porous to the world around us"

SEA school, studios & labs is a mobile learning centre for Science, Ecology and the Arts. With a vision to create a living archive and exploration hub for maritime history, coastal ecology and rich fisheries traditions of the South-East coast of Ireland.

We are here to uncover and explore the many layers of diversity and knowledge in our local landscapes.


What can stories of yesterday's Oceans teach us about the present. What can we learn from the Ocean today, that will influence our futures?


Diver. Sailor. Photographer. Adventurer. Educator. Naturalist - Tasneem is happiest underwater, knee-deep in the mangroves or working under the hull of a boat.


She has curated her work and career over the last 17 years, facilitating interdisciplinary initiatives in the fields of ecology, conservation, education, art and science communication.


Tas has formal training in marine zoology and has learned from some of the leading experts in the fields of wildlife biology, oceanography and education design. Her extensive field work, research, teaching and practice in the development of experiential learning pedagogies has taken her across the world,  from either side of the equator to the Arctic circle.

Beyond academia, she has combined her varied interests into student education through teaching sailing, scuba diving and photography. These function as modes of exploration and tools for teaching/learning while getting hands-on experience of aquatic and coastal ecosystems.

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After several visits to Ireland over the last 8 years, I found myself positioned on the eastern edge of the Copper Coast in mid-2020. Wading through the thriving intertidal systems off Dunmore triggered many new observations and questions about cold-water systems and maritime histories linked to Ireland. I am currently in the process of creating a juxtaposition of coastal knowledge systems between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic.

My experience in field research management, shared-value enterprise and the designing immersive learning pedagogy, stems from an interest in understanding how people relate to, engage with and learn from place. Designing projects, tools and methods that enhance & enrich place-based-learning, is what I enjoy most. 

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