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We catalyse widespread transformative climate action by increasing climate awareness at scale through the emotive power of cinema.

ALT EFF is held at diverse venues across Ireland, India and the rest of the world. To make this massive convergence of cinema and community happen, we team up with unique local Screening Partners who collaborate with us to facilitate hosting and screening our selection of films at venues or other exciting and unusual locations.


Building an environmental consciousness and catalysing people for climate action is a critical necessity of our times and we are proud of our unique location-based Film Curation and Non-Film Programming events that set it in motion.


All Living Things Environmental Film Festival (ALT EFF), is the world’s largest decentralised film festival and a premiere showcase of climate stories and environmental narratives. We are motivated by our mission,

"Through the emotive power of cinema, ALT EFF increases climate awareness at scale"

We curate impact storytelling and experiential learning that is accessible, relevant and inspires awareness into action.

Find out more about ALT EFF across the world at

An evening with ALT EFF is a transformative experience – an event that promises to inspire and empower. With a revolutionary approach to storytelling, we’ve dedicated years to intensive research, critique and multi-form engagement that reshapes and reimagines our understanding of the climate crisis through cinema. Each film and conversation featured in the festival is carefully selected and thoughtfully crafted to amplify the voices of local communities, validating their experiences and emboldening them in their proactive action. Our team’s expertise is in identifying internationalist solidarities amidst existential threats, weaving local narratives that champion the best interests of people and the planet. Imagine an evening filled with revelation, joy and meaningful connection. That’s the ALT EFF experience: a festival that leaves you feeling informed, empowered and entertained by world-class cinema that compels you to make a di erence.”
A word from our Programming Director

Anaka Kaundinya






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discussions with

local experts

nature walks

and foraging

art and handicraft


food and

community kitchens

Our festival advisory board in Ireland

The feedback and engagement from Ireland's pilot ALF EFF in 2023, led to a range of positive discussions, support and a spirit of excitement!

In our effort to open dialogue across varied interest groups and audiences and build momentum through impact cinema and storytelling, we are honoured to have some invaluable voices, experience and help from a generous and very talented group of advisors.

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At this moment in time and history, as a new generation grapples with the consequences of older actions, nothing is binding us together more forcefully than the climate emergency.

The films ALT EFF showcases are an ode to that bond. They are hope, disaster and resurrection. They are our past, present and future. We stand by them, and with all our hearts, we hope you will too.

To support our work, become a Friend or Patron of ALT EFF.
All funds are put towards the making impact cinema, critical conversations and community events accessible in our neighbourhoods.

You will also receive updates, swag, discounts and a special mention for your participation and generosity.


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